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Supportive Orthotic Insoles Available in Westerham, Kent

It has never been easier to keep your feet in great shape with my podiatry services. At my clinic in Westerham, Kent, I provide first-rate orthotic insoles to minimise any stress on your joints. The inserts reposition the structure of your foot to achieve the correct skeletal balance.

Prescription Insoles

Orthotics or prescription insoles improve skeletal balance and help to protect against any future problems. With every pair of insoles tailored to your specific requirements, they also prevent the need for serious surgery such as hip replacements.

Achieve Complete Balance

The orthotic insoles that I provide reposition your foot's structure to reduce the stress and pain on your joints that are causing discomfort. Your feet go through a large amount of stress every day, and orthotics are a great solution if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms:

» Neck Pain » Back Pain » Knee Pain » Shin Pain » Heel Pain
Balanced Spine Image

State-of-the-Art Clinic

The equipment I use is fully sterilised in an autoclave, which vacuum seals instruments to ensure that they are completely sanitary. The clinic utilises an air filtration system to distribute cool air for your complete comfort.

Feet In Motion

Convenient Service

Along with free, easy-to-use parking spaces, I also offer a helpful service for those who are housebound or do not have access to a car or public transport. Evening appointments are also available, as well as all aspects of foot care and other services including French manicures.

Nail Removal

As part of my complete foot care services, I provide full or partial nail removal that is performed under local anesthetic. This is a minor procedure and takes about an hour. Nail reconstruction is designed for patients that have unsightly nails or have suffered trauma to the nail.

Contact me in Westerham, Kent, to learn more about orthotic insoles as part of my podiatry services.